Breakfast, Brunch, Sheffield Cafe Reviews, Sheffield Cafes

Nosh (Division Street)

DATE OF VISIT    Autumn 2013


Called in for Saturday breakfast. Our order was promptly taken at the counter, from the menus clearly displayed. Coffees were served almost immediately from behind the counter. However food arrived soon after meaning both could be enjoyed together, bingo! This is good cheap tasty no frills food, incredible value for money – if portions aren’t the biggest ever at the price charged you could just order 2 and still be feeling you hadn’t spent a great deal !

Really friendly attentive service, plenty of comfortable seating.

OTHER NOTES    pay on ordering.

VFM  10/10.




Breakfast, Brunch, Sheffield Cafe Reviews, Sheffield Cafes

FreshStart (Langsett Road)

DATE OF VISIT    late 2013


Called in for breakfast, unfortunately just behind 10 or so contractors who had ordered take away sandwiches/teas etc. Although our order was taken promptly, there was only one person cooking, and rather than cooking up a load of ingredients in one go, seemed to be cooking each order in turn. Result – a 50 minute wait, coffees drunk well before breakfast arrived. Contractors waited an age also for simple breakfast sandwiches. Although freshly cooked, food was all very greasy, and our clothes all smelled of frying after we left.

No apology given for a hefty wait.

OTHER NOTES    order at counter, pay on ordering.

VFM  5/10


Breakfast, Brunch, Sheffield Cafe Reviews, Sheffield Cafes

Aroma (Ecclesall Road)

DATE OF VISIT    Summer 2012


Called in for breakfast, found a table for two – seating is limited downstairs, but upstairs seating is also available, there is a comfy settee in the window if you’re lucky! We ordered from the menus on the table – these are also chalked up on the blackboards. Coffees arrived shortly after ordering, and food followed shortly after. This was freshly cooked and piping hot. Good quality and value for money menu, sufficient options for vegetarians.

OTHER NOTES    Pay on ordering, clean and tidy, friendly staff, speedy service.

Value For Money  8/10


Breakfast, Brunch, Sheffield Cafe Reviews, Sheffield Cafes

Meet the team…

Saturday morning is the BEST time of the week – a time to wind down from the week, a time of anticipation of two glorious days to fill as you please, to relax over the papers, to test the brain-matter with a crossword, to enjoy. Traditionally we always met up at the same cafe every Saturday morning after a gym session (him) and Parkrun (her) to plan the weekend ahead.

We then realised that there are a wealth of cafes out there in Sheffield – some good, some bad, some small, some large, some friendly, some NOT so why visit the same one every week!

We have very different expectations when it comes to eating out – one veggie who rates quality over quantity, one meat-eater with a healthy appetite and some fixed ideas over what makes a good breakfast/brunch (hot coffee served just before or with food so the last mouthful can be washed down and the palette cleansed!).

Over the last year or two we have visited quite a few cafes and this blog is our way of recording our thoughts and sharing them with you! We would like to make it clear that these are our very personal opinions based on one visit to the establishment. They are also in  no way a recommendation, either positive or negative.

Feel free to share your own experiences of these establishments, and let us know of any others!