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Seven Hills Bakery (Sharrowvale)

DATE OF VISIT    Summer 2014


Looking for Saturday brunch, Xenophily had been our intended destination, but for the third time was not open at the advertised time (10 AM). We were given a friendly greeting, and found a seat in the small seating area at the back near the serving hatch. This is not a traditional breakfast café, but nonetheless offers enough to tempt, of course based around their own fine bread selection. We opted for cheese on toast, coffees arrived soon after, and were superbly strong and hot, accompanied by a choice of hot or cold milk.

The belly bacon sandwich was unfortunately not available today, this was the only meat option.

OTHER NOTES    Friendly staff. Order taken by the staff but also possible to order at the counter. Bread and tempting sweet things are available to take away. Pay on leaving.

VFM  9/10.



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