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Sebastians (Sharrowvale Road)

DATE OF VISIT    Spring 2014


Having been unable to wait for a table at Made By Jonty (qv.), we moved down the road to Sebastians, which proved to be a worthy alternative for Saturday brunch. 

We arrived just in time for the end of the breakfast menu, although on reflection we ordered freshly prepared sandwiches instead, a choice of 10 on offer, with a further choice of a fresh and visually interesting salad to accompany it – by sandwich we mean a proper feast served in large crusty bread.

Our order was taken at the counter. Coffees arrived just before the food, a nice touch and meant both were enjoyed together. Excellent fresh flavours, side salads were also an excellent accompaniment – and beautifully dressed.

We enjoyed friendly, attentive service, a relaxed atmosphere and a choice of local magazines to read.

OTHER NOTES    pay on ordering, or at the end as you wish.

VFM  8/10.



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