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Rendezvous (Totley Baslow Road)

DATE OF VISIT    Autumn 2015


We’d been here many years ago and were keen on this October Saturday to have another look. We found the café fairly busy, but got a seat by the window. Inside was nice and warm, which with the cooler day outside led to a set of misted up windows.  

Printed menus were on each table, and nice and clear instruction to order at the counter (a table visit was also available for the less mobile customer, a nice touch). Place and pay for orders at the counter therefore. We chose the full meat and vegetarian breakfasts, these generously come with tea / coffee and toast, at a very reasonable price.  

Everything arrived at the same time, which makes a refreshing change. The food was freshly cooked, tasty and plentiful, including some really tasty sweet-cured bacon, and a large cheese omelette in the veggie option. The food was also really well presented on the plate, with toast served in a separate basket with small butter dishes on the side.

All the staff were pleasant and efficient.  

OTHER NOTES    plenty of seating, some national newspapers available to browse, and also a selection of local produce for sale.

VFM  9/10.



One thought on “Rendezvous (Totley Baslow Road)

  1. Jane says:

    We are pleased you enjoyed your visit to us and thank you for the lovely review. I am very lucky to have a wonderful team who all care about the cafe. We also have a great team of independent local quality suppliers who work really hard in their niche product. Thank you too to all our customers who come and support us, Jane

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