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Four Corners Canteen (Abbeydale Road)

DATE OF VISIT    Winter 2015


We saw this place reviewed recently in the Sheffield Telegraph, and decided to pay a visit. We found the café fairly empty, but the weather was pretty poor and in fairness everywhere else looked deserted as well, although more people came in later.

We got a seat by the window. Inside was nicely decorated, fresh smelling, clean and tidy, with soft background music.   

The menu was on a large blackboard behind the counter, and we were warmly greeted as we entered, and our minds had been read as breakfast was suggested! Nice and simple, “Big Sur” full breakfast for him, same for her but veggie (no bacon and a £1 reduction in price). Tea/coffee included.

Coffee arrived shortly (strong and tasty) but not before a large complimentary carafe of iced water was presented, a nice touch.

These breakfasts could easily have been sold as “belly buster”, a fantastic plate of fresh food, great bacon and unusual touches such as diced avocado, orange slices, and some great fiery fried onions. Not only that though, out also came two huge fresh pancakes with maple syrup, included within the price! A feast no less. Coffees lasted the duration.

Nice relaxed atmosphere, plenty of seating, with 2 owners clearly enjoying themselves, and engaging with the customers.

We paid at the end. This is super food at a very reasonable price.  

VFM  10/10