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Captain’s Cup (Ecclesall Road)

DATE OF VISIT    Autumn 2017


We decided to visit this relative newcomer to the Ecclesall Road scene one fine September morning. It was fairly quiet when we arrived, but certainly started to fill up within half an hour. Inside was of course freshly decorated, some pleasant background music, and again of course a nautical theme to the décor, all-in-all very nice and tidy. Some locally produced CDs for sale and local publications were available to read if desired.   

Printed menus were on each table, with some specials also available. Our order was taken soon after arrival, Eggs Benedict and Royale were the order of the day. Not fancying a coffee, on this occasion we plumped for peppermint tea and mango tea, both arriving in lovely see-through teapots, more than enough to last the meal.   

Food arrived after a short wait (freshly made to order) and beautifully presented with the addition of pea-shoots for garnish and just enough hollandaise to enhance the dish. The muffins were beautifully lightly toasted (easy to cut into but with a light crunch). Very tasty indeed!

All the staff were pleasant and attentive.  

OTHER NOTES    pay on exit

VFM  8/10.



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